Poem by Thodoris Vorias - The dead wore masks

Γκράφιτι από τον μαντρότοιχο του γηπέδου του Απόλλωνα Καλαμαριάς. Φωτογραφία 29/3/2020. Σχεδιαστές http://www.sandman.gr

English translation: Dimi De San 

The dead wore masks - Thodoris Vorias

Death came closer,
even the dead
wore gas masks.
Only, he did not come yesterday,
centuries have been here, with us.
As long as we breathed we breathed death,
where we touched we touched death,
where we kissed we kissed death
and there are billions of dead
moving on the streets.
Every time we chanted "Peace be with you"
we were also pregnant with a new death
and war needs the living.
May our children learn to fight
to fight death.
May the war resurrect
the dead of our state.